Dashing Through the Snow: Ski Resorts Open


Ryan White, Staff Writer

Dashing through the snow-In a one skii open lift-Through the trails we go-laughing all the way! Get those skis out, the fresh powder is finally here! Most of the ski resorts are open after Thanksgiving.

Our Fridays off are a perfect opportunity to shred some snow (just try not to skip school). Brighton, Brian Head, Park City, and Snowbasin are totally ready to hit the slopes. So lets clamp on to the ski lift, pull the bar down and soar right though the history of skiing.

The word ski is of Norse vocabulary which means cleft wood. The earliest skis were basically large planks of wood. The people of Scandinavia used skis for transportation. The earliest ski was found in Sweden dating back to about 3300 BC.

We are lucky to have access to high performance skis instead of two planks of wood.

Freshman, Tanner Young stated “I like snowboarding because the way the powder feels on the board feels nice as I glide down the Hills.” Snowboarding is skiing’s cousin and is also accepted on ski resorts white fluffy hills. We are so excited for the skiing season to start at American Heritage. You try these fun hobbies at Alta Ski Area, Beaver Mountain, Brian Head Resort, Brighton, Cherry Creek, Deer Valley, Nordic Valley, Eagle Point, Park City, Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, Snowbird, Solitude, and Sundance.
Skiing is a great activity to do with friends and family. Freshman, James Burton said, “I like skiing with my Uncle who has a cabin up in Solitude. We sit in hot tubs in the cold and ski.”

So go ahead and give this chilling but thrilling hobby a try, Patriots.