Third Term Can Be a Slippery Slope

Zach Lefler, Staff Writer

The third term slump refers to the drop in G.P.A. during school’s third term. While some students may keep their perfect 4.0, others not so much. Many believe the downturn is due to the lack of fun and excitement during these months. Christmas and New Years gave people a lot jolly goodness, but afterwards, students can find themselves lost in a depressed state. This can lead to lower grades and a backed-up homework load.

It may be helpful to know there are millions of other students out there feeling the same way. Students have found out that addressing the situation head on is often helpful. Don’t push it away like Thanksgiving leftovers. Accept the challenge and move forward.

Long term projects can be difficult, no matter the term. However, when third term comes around, the missing assignments seem to more easily sneak by without being detected. Consider checking Veracross every week to make sure grades are where you want them to be.

One of the biggest problems with these slump-months is putting off work entirely because students simply feel overwhelmed. Taking a moment to relax can actually jumpstart students back into the work. Students shouldn’t take this advice the wrong way and sit around too long. Clearing the mind and having a short rest, or a reward can help boost morale, and keep the workflow going.

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Remember, as students, we need to keep our heads in the game, and those grades in check.