It’s Actually Warm!

It's warm enough to wear shorts!

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It's warm enough to wear shorts!

Chloe Morrill, News Editor

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With the end of winter and the start of spring, motivation to do work is at an all-time low. The temperature, however, is getting nice and it’s tempting — really, really tempting — to spend the day away outside. This may sound like spring fever, and it technically is. Spring fever, however, relates to a brightening of mood, less sleep (your body produces less melatonin which helps you sleep because of the sun coming out more), and the general urge to do something springy, like cleaning the whole house, going out for a jog or a hike, or just being outside.

The urge to be outside gets especially strong when students can see the field and there’s a frisbee or a soccer ball in the room. Students relish the freedom that comes from just being outside, even if it’s for five minutes. It’s hard on the teachers, however. They have lessons prepared and the near-constant nagging of students to go outside can disrupt that plan unless, of course, the plan is adjustable and can be taught outside (to everyone’s relief).

“Now that it’s warming up, a lot of people want to go outside during class, and I think that’s good every once in a while, but it’s important to remember not to let the exception become the rule for that. So still have fun in spring, but don’t let it overrule your learning and education,” junior Kymberly Larson says.

Kenzie Brandon, a junior, offers some advice. “I think it’s okay to have spring fever, because it’s okay to want to be outside. Just remember what’s important and then you can use that time outside as your reward for working hard.”
Students should also remember that they can do homework outside.

Even around school the effects of not-yet-spring can be seen. Some of the elementary children are wearing shorts and boots! Students are starting to shed jackets, elementary students are starting to wear shorts, and spirits are being lifted.

“I’m really excited because I don’t have to be cold every time I go outside,” Brandon commented. “It’s also nice to wake up in the morning and have light coming through your window. I feel like it helps you get out of bed.”
Kate Hoffman, a senior, says, “My birthday is the first week in April, and it’s either a warm kind of rain or it’s really sunny. It’s a happy mixture. Warm rain is better than cold rain, but I always prefer snow to rain.”

“I don’t know about everyone else,” senior, Alex Bigelow, says, “but I am so excited for spring right around the corner! For me, spring has always meant chilly soccer games, playing outside, and hikes up the canyon. The flowers and birds singing are pretty awesome, too. Springtime is what I have been waiting for and what has gotten me through the last few months of wintertime!”

So, remember that it’s okay to have a little spring fever as long as homework still gets done. Now go out there and have a great spring!