Don’t Be Bored This Spring Break

Don't Be Bored This Spring Break

Jennifer Voss

Cosette Bradford, Staff Writer

Not everyone can go out of the state for a vacation during spring break. That does not mean spring-break has to be boring. There are plenty of other things that people can do that are just as fun as going out of town. Shopping, reading, movie-thons, etc. This challenge to have fun can be the beginning of possibilities of things to do during spring break.

Don’t say that this spring break.

Here is what Sophomore, Anna Douglas, does at home during school breaks, “If I haven’t already, I would catch up on homework or anything due for a class and then kick back, relax, cue up a TV series, game and then get out of the house whenever I am sick of being indoors.”

Here is a list of Possible Activities choose a few each day and your week will fly by:

• Take advantage of the Local Library. Read a book from home even.
• Try Geocaching.
• Play Sports.
• Back Yard Camping.
• Check out local markets/fairs/festivals.
• Visit your local museums
• Go to the beach or pool.
• Get the bike out.
• Go to a movie. Invite a friend.
• See a show. Such as a play or a musical.
• Go shopping.
• Take a nap.
• Take a (little) cruise. Such as boating in a nearby lake or fishing.
• Work on that tennis game
• See a ball game.
• Treat Yourself to A Spa Day
• Host A Low-Key Party
• Check Out Some Local Events
• Take A Day Trip
• Visit A National Park or Forest.
• Go on a Spring Hike(link to a website of spring hikes)
• Make some popcorn, get comfy on the couch, and have a movie-a-thon
• Take a day trip to a nearby landmark
• Pick up crafts at a craft store and make craft projects
• Have a friendly cooking competition
• Go to a local museum or exhibits at a local college
• Plant a garden as a family
• Go to a local botanical garden
• Track the moon and stargaze at night (try to find your favorite constellation)
• Volunteer as a family or a group of friends at local charity program such as Tabitha’s Way or Bishop’s Storehouse.
• Go to your local community pool
• Go on a scavenger hunt as a family
• Check out animals at the local zoo or aquarium.
• Pack a backpack and go hiking on nearby trails
• Go on a photo walk and take a lot of pictures of nature
• Have each family member suggest a new family activity for each day of spring break
• Pack a picnic
• Explore your city by visiting local attractions and trying new restaurants
• Visit an amusement park
• Campfire
• Read a book outside
• Spend the night at a hotel to have the feeling of going away without having to travel far

A staycation does not have to be super big and fantastic, it just can be something that is fun and enjoyable. It can be as simple as reading a new book or going hiking. Something that always sounds nice is a nap especially after a lot of school work and it does not cost a thing. Let’s all make the goal to find enough activities to keep us from being bored this spring break. Also, there is always another person that ends up in the same situation. Calling a friend or a cousin and finding out if they need something to do can lead to another possibility to do different things because that other person has different interests.