A Look Back at Patriot Press

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A Look Back at Patriot Press

Cosette Bradford, Staff Writer

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This school year, 2018-2019, has been the year that AHS established Patriot Press an online newspaper. As a member of the news staff, I can attest that it as and has been such a fun and easy class. The newspaper motto is, “For the students, by the students.” Because of this, the students in the class are able to choose the topic of their articles. And they also get to do most of the work during class, so there is little homework except for interviewing people for the articles. Some of the purposes of Patriot Press is to share the student experience and build a stronger school community.

Many articles have been written this year and some of the most viewed and favorites are the most recent as people learn about and grow to like Patriot Press.

April Fools! This article is a fun list of pranks that are funny and not in any way harmful. Some include making caramel covered, “apples.” Or cheese powder orange juice.

Fun pranks

Don’t Be Bored This Spring Break! Was also another frequently visited article that is full of ideas to do during spring break so that no one is bored.

Nancy Morrill
Jenga hangout!

Coupling Up — Is It Worth it? Is a nice article about the issues surrounding coupling up in high school. It explores how we can get to know each other and have a good time together in high school without the added drama of coupling up.

Beyond the Bunny! Is a fun article about the traditions in different countries. It looks at the tradition of making chocolate bilbies in Australia instead of chocolate bunnies. Another interesting one is the tradition where Polish boys pour water on everyone and the legend says that the girls that get drenched the most will get married within the coming year.

public domain
A chocolate bilby made in Australia for Easter.

This year has been great and we hope that you have enjoyed our efforts here at Patriot Press.