Skirt Around the Skirts

Kaylee Handy, Staff Writer

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This year, American Heritage has undergone quite a bit of change such as the new building and, most recently, some uniform changes. AHS has given the ninth grade girls a trial on pants – here is what the students have to say.

“They are a lot better than wearing the skirts” Kristyn Handy, a freshman, remarked, “[Buying a new uniform item is] definitely worth it. If I can wear it through next year, I would keep wearing them especially when it’s cold outside.”

Elsa Pierce, another freshman, commented, “It’s been cold lately, so [with the pants] you don’t have air blowing up your legs, and it’s nice and comfy. I wish they weren’t as baggy. They are very baggy, but that’s ok.”

A freshman, Alyssa Bethers, said, “[One improvement would be] to let us wear the polo shirts instead of having us wear the specific [lands end] shirts.”

However, pants are not the only recent change, the school has made many changes to the uniform. They have recently allowed ankle and no show socks which has been nice as it gets warmer.

“The student uniform is an important tool and reminder of the AHS mission. The principles underlying the AHS uniform policy include unity, modesty, neatness, dignity…” [Mr. Beckwith, newsletter, March 16, 2019]
This is a good reminder to all students that these changes don’t give permission to slack off, but to improve and “simplify the uniform policy so that… faculty and administration could better focus on the… more important aspects of the uniform.”

Everyone is buzzing about the new uniform items and changes, but remember to keep the new uniform policy. Stay strong patriots! Who knows what next year may bring to the uniform?