We Love Our Teachers

Esther Handy, Staff Writer

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The job of a teacher is one of the most significant jobs in our country. It’s a teacher that can help inspire a student and help them learn important principles for the rest of their life. Learning is one of the most important skills we need in life, and it’s the teachers that help us gain that skill. Even though the job of a teacher is so significant, many teachers are underpaid, work long hours, and put their heart and soul into their students. We should show our gratitude and appreciation to our wonderful teachers. I think most of us can agree that we have had a great year because of our teachers.

Freshman, Kristyn Handy, said, “My most memorable experience was the Greek games in 6th and 9th grade. It was a really fun way to learn about Greece, and the things we learned have stuck [with] me much longer than things we learned lecture style. I’m very grateful to the teachers that go above and beyond for their students.”

Here at Patriot Press we have interviewed many more students, let’s see what they had to say.

Senior, Kate Hoffman, said, “On a particularly rough day one of my teachers pulled me aside just to ask me how I’ve been. It was a small act, but it helped me get through the rough patch I was in.”

Senior, Laelle Pack, said, “One of the teachers is my very best friend! She’s of a similar spirit to myself. Her love and kindness is abounding. This was shown in an experience when she called my mom when I was sick and had her pick me up from school. I love her so much!”

Freshman, Taylor Fillmore, said, “[In] Mrs. Yamadas class we were able to put everything that we were learning into fun skits, plays, and scenarios! She made learning so much fun and so memorable!”

Freshman, Taylor Freeman, said, “One time my art teacher was really complementive of my work, and it really encouraged me to get better at art.”

Let’s be grateful for our teachers and the things that they do for us. They put so much work every day into preparing things for us because they care about us.