The New Athletic Aesthetic


Zach Lefler, Staff Writer

This school year, we have been blessed with the new athletics building, which is a part of a three-phase plan to expand the school and allow for more students. All AHS attendees know that the new building and fields have been a huge step for our sport game, but does everyone know how much these improvements cost? Overall, students and faculty have enjoyed the new building – the bathrooms are top notch, and the drinking fountains all can be ranked number one. What about parking? Phase one of the plan added around 75 new parking spots, which was very needed, it’s going to get crowded as the school grows, and with the busy road right next to AHS, it’s not likely that parking on the opposite side of N. County Blvd will be welcomed.

The athletics building, along with the stadium, baseball field, tennis courts, track and field, and soccer field have a price tag of 30 million dollars. Mr. Buer, AHS Business Director stated, “All money used in the building of the Athletics building was from very generous and appreciated donors.” Isn’t that amazing and inspiring?

Phase one of the expansion has added 30 acres of land alongside the already large 10 acres that the school acquired before expansion. Phase one isn’t finished, however, as the school plans on adding an auxiliary gym to the sides of the Athletics building.

Some may wonder, what phase two and three might look like.  Phase two is going to add a commons area to the athletics building, which could be used as a cafeteria, and a general activity area. This addition will also include a new administration office, which will connect to two new halls specifically for high school classrooms. The rooms will be specialized for science, art, engineering, math, and technology. There is no definite date for when construction begins, but we know that it will be relatively soon. Who knows, freshman now might even complete their high school experience in the high school.

Phase three will add a small theater, which can seat 300 people. Additionally, it will add a 900 seat concert hall, and a few music classrooms and rehearsal rooms. After all of these additions, the school will be able to hold another estimated 700 students, which will allow AHS to have a potential student body of up to 1,600.

The Patriot Arena was beautifully designed by the architectural firm, Curtis Miner and Associates. This building was designed with a purpose, the sub level arena wasn’t just designed like that because it looks amazing, but the windows at ground level allow everyone to get a good look at the beautiful temple right across the road. Mr. Buer also explained that the architecture was designed, “to give an example Christ like life, to show what students are working towards.”

The athletics building has been a blessing we should be grateful for. We should all take a minute and appreciate what God – and Christlike, generous donors – have given us.