A School Year to Be Grateful For


American Heritage School

Chloe Morrill, News Editor

This year has been a whirlwind of fun, struggle, and learning. Now, we add gratitude to the mix as we look back on the year. We’ve participated in the school devotionals and assemblies, laughed with friends, learned valuable lessons from our teachers, and felt the Patriot spirit of our school.

AHS Photo Library
Successful friendships are based on philia, a love between equals.

We, at Patriot Press, interviewed a few students and teachers from our school about what they were grateful for this year.

“This year, I have been blessed in many ways: The choirs (both curricular and after-school) have been extraordinary! On the curricular side, we had many prestigious opportunities, including an invitation to perform at the Utah ACDA conference, an invitation to direct/sing ing the Utah Women’s Honor, and three invitations to perform at the SL Tabernacle. In the Youth Chorus, we completed a new album, collaborated on a new music video, and are preparing for our tenth fireside tour. More importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most exceptional students who have ever walked the halls of AHS. I will really miss this senior class! So many great opportunities and so much to be grateful for!” Mr. Swenson said.

“I am grateful for the school year because it pushes me to be my best. Shepherding the souls of these young scholars is a sacred responsibility. I feel the Lord magnify me and my efforts each year as I strive to be equal to the stewardship I have been given,” Mr. Crossley, one of the seventh grade teachers, said.

Chloe Morrill
L-R: Kenzie Brandon, Kymberly Larson, Trinity Gibbs, Emilynne Carr

“This year, I am grateful for the opportunity to do things I never knew I’ve been capable of. I’ve learned to be grateful for new good friends and fun days with everyone, because they get me through the long days,” Rebecca Stratton, a junior, told us.

“One thing that I am grateful for at American Heritage is good friends! They are people who are willing to listen and give you a hug when you are stressed out with the end of term and A.P. tests! There are good friends and teachers who genuinely care about you and want you to succeed and be happy!” junior, Rachel Stratton, said.

Grant Beckwith
Student Government enjoys the ice cream!

We’re grateful for all the school year has brought us — the amazing teachers and students, the crazy quotes, and the new building among others — and we hope you are too. What are you most grateful for? Comment below and check out the other articles!