Senior’s Advice and Final Words

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Senior’s Advice and Final Words

Cosette Bradford, Staff Writer

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As the end of the school year rolls around, we realize how much we are going to miss our wonderful seniors. Many of them have been here at American Heritage for most of their school years. However, no matter when they came to AHS, they all have made an impression on us. The seniors here at American Heritage have learned to respect others and to fill their lives with necessary pursuits such as college, good friends, a mission, etc.

What exactly can we learn from their experience? We asked a few seniors for their best advice. Here’s what they said…

Laelle Pack told us that, “The best advice I could give is to care. Care about what you are learning. An education isn’t just about gaining knowledge but learning how to see truth amidst all the dirt and manipulation the world throws at you. Also, respect opinion. It’s how you create friends even among your enemies.”

Hyrum Cowley told us, “Get rid of unnecessary things that take away your time and fill your life with worthwhile pursuits.”

Ben Braithwaite had this to offer, “Never forget to give the people around the comfort and safety to be their BEST self’s. When you do this, you will find yourself in wonderful situations throughout your life.”


“My advice to you all is to find out who you are and then don’t forget it, Alex Bigelow told us. “It sounds cliché but it’s true. Try as many new things as possible. Get out of your comfort zone. Laugh! A lot! You probably hear it all the time, but you have a God who loves you. He is watching out for you more than you even know. Lean on Him on bad days and on good days. Fall in love with the little things in life that make you smile like a tulip, or seeing someone’s eyes lights up, or orange chicken from Panda Express. Serve everyone. Don’t take things so personally. Do everything you can to stay close to God. That matters most. I believe in you guys so believe in yourselves.”

This is fantastic advice we could all benefit from. We are on this Earth to learn, so why not learn things together and from others? Thank you, and congratulations seniors, you made it!