Start With a Bang!


American Heritage School

Chloe Morrill, Managing Editor

It’s a new year at American Heritage School, and the student government is ready to start with a bang! Of the many new things student government is bringing to the table, the most exciting would have to be the Patriot Cup. That’s right! The Patriot Cup.

Beginning this year, four teams: red, white, blue, and green will be competing each term for a few prizes. These include the Patriot Cup, a spirit day, a pizza party, and an ice cream social. Unfortunately for middle schoolers, the Patriot Cup only applies to high schoolers, but they are free to participate in the fun as well.

As of right now, the competition for the Patriot Cup will only last one term. But there are a few things students can do to keep the fun lasting all year. Students working hard to create unity and following their commitments to the Honor Code are a huge help.

But how do you earn points? We at Patriot Press are happy to give you some answers!

The first thing students can do to win points is winning competitions. These competitions will be held every Wednesday at lunch. Every other Wednesday, middle school and high school will have separate activities. If students want to know ahead of time what the competition will be, all they have to do is check the TV at the start of the week for the activity and location. The competitions are run by student government and can be anything from ‘minute to win it’ to paper airplane contests.

Another thing students can do to earn points is by completing Patriot Press initiatives. Some students will remember last year’s incentives to earn candy by finding the hidden words, commenting, or completing a series of tasks involving a specific article. This will continue, but for the opportunity to earn points! Additionally, students can earn points by attending school activities such as plays, service projects, dances, games, and more.
Finally, the student government will be running random advisory period uniform checks. To earn points, a student simply needs to be in their correct uniform.

The first term’s teams are organized by grade, but that’s all we’re allowed to say. Student government will explain everything along with this year’s theme at the opening assembly.