A Case for Early Morning Seminary

A Case for Early Morning Seminary

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Ethan Morrill, News Editor

Around the world, many young men and young women from ages 14 to 18 wake up early in the morning, their purpose to study the scriptures and learn the things of the Spirit. Some of these young students travel long distances, further showing their dedication. This is Early Morning Seminary, and to many, it’s a spiritually refreshing way to start the day.

Here at American Heritage School, seminary is a normal part of our curriculum. Brother Manning is our Early Morning Seminary teacher this year, and he has introduced a new policy for seminary times. Effective this week, Early Morning Seminary will begin at 7:00 instead of 7:10 on Monday through Thursday, in exchange for a day off on Friday. “The new policy for seminary times was put in place because the normal seminary classes had class for four days a week for a longer time period, but early morning seminary had five days for a shorter period. So we decided to change it so that the seminary classes would be united in class time, instruction and doctrine,” Brother Manning says.

So what are the benefits of taking early morning seminary? As senior Johnathan Miller says, “I like early morning seminary because it allows me more time to focus on school during school hours, it helps me to stay energized and focused as opposed to feeling tired after having slept in, and it gets me focused on the spiritual things first thing in the morning.”

Latter-day Saint leaders have also expressed their opinions on the subject. Elder Scott has said, “The seminary programs will help you as a young man or woman to lay a foundation for happiness and success in life.” President Eyring similarly states, “There are three powerful things seminary can do. First, it puts young people together who share the same values. Youth like to be with others who share their faith and who love the scriptures. Second, it puts youth together with a teacher who has a testimony, and they can feel the fire of it when it is borne. Third, seminary gets young people into the scriptures.”

Students of American Heritage School, please consider taking early morning Seminary. Seminary can change lives, especially if enough effort and diligence are put in. Putting in that effort early in the morning results not only in spiritual refreshment, but also in lasting change of heart and soul.