Is Who I Am Really Who I Say I Am?

Tasia Carr, Staff Writer

Are we social chameleons or do we show our true colors? Social chameleons are people who can blend into any group. They read social cues and alter their personality, behavior, and actions to blend into social situations.When students come back to school it is easy to think that we need to fit in, but we don’t have to be someone else to do this.

As human beings, we use self-monitoring all the time. We like to make new friends and fit into groups. However, when we take it to the extreme, like social chameleons, we forget who we are. People want to show their best selves and want to be liked. Some people create a whole new personality in fear that others will not accept their true self. But, the truth is, if we hide our true selves it will start to slowly destroy who we are.

It is not necessarily bad to act differently around people we are completely comfortable with opposed to people we are just getting to know. As long as we don’t take it to an extreme level. Their are people who do take it to extreme and slowly forget who they are.

If you think you might be a social chameleon there are a few things you can do. You are not going to change if you don’t want to. Make the choice to change. You need to accept that you can’t make everyone happy. If they don’t like you for who you are that is their problem not yours. As we continue through this school year we have two choices: we can either be who we truly are or we can change ourselves to fit in with the crowd.