All That Jazz

Max Wright, Staff Writer

The Utah Jazz have a lot of expectations from the media and from the fans to compete to win a title this year.Those expectations come from an offseason that include, trading for Mike Conley, and signing Bojan Bogdonavic to a 4 year $72 million deal. Senior Michael Holmes said “I think they’ll make second in the Western Conference”. Additionally, American Heritage junior, Luke Lacey said, “They’ll do good because Ricky Rubio is being replaced by Mike Conley and Bogdonavic is replacing Jae Crowder. We will lose to the Lakers in the semifinals in 7 games. I also really like the new jersey colors”.

MIke Conley is one of the most underrated point guards in the entire NBA. Last season he averaged 22.1 PPG (Points Per Game), 6.4 APG (Assists Per Game), and 3.4 RPG (Rebounds Per Game). He also had a 21.4 player efficiency rating last year which ranked 32nd in the NBA. Mike Conley is a great floor general, he only had 1.9 turnovers a game last year. His nickname is Captain Clutch.

Bojan Bogdonavic had the best year of his career last year, he averaged 18.0 PPG, 4.1 RPG, and 2.0 APG. He also had a 16.1 player efficiency rating. AHS senior, Connor Mckee, said, “I think that the Jazz will be good because they were able to get Bogdonavic in the offseason”. Bojan probably has one of the best nicknames in the NBA, Bogey. I have no idea how he got this nickname, but it’s very fun to say.

Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdonavic both provide something the Jazz desperately need… shooting. Mike Conley has a career average of 37.5% from 3 while Bogdonavic has a career average of 38.9% from three, and shot 42.5% from three last year. Together they will provide the scoring, spacing, and ability the Jazz need to be a true contender.