Student Spotlight

Kamele Lung, Staff Writer

This year, we are very lucky to have Paora Winitana attending American Heritage School. Paora is a junior, 16 years old, and from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. He explains, “I was nervous and excited at the same time about moving away from my home and my family. It has been very difficult, but the students at American Heritage have been really friendly and made me feel comfortable coming here and being new. So far, the transition to American Heritage School has been smooth.”

Paora has been enjoying many things at American Heritage, especially basketball since he played basketball back in New Zealand. Paora explains, “I’m looking forward to learning how the culture is here in Utah and experiencing the ‘American Life’. I really want to see how school life is here in America. I am also looking forward to playing basketball here, and I’ve been enjoying engineering class and P.E. class.”

Paora ends by saying, “I wanted to come to American Heritage School to experience the culture here in Utah. I also want to be around the Church-environment to help me prepare to serve a full-time mission for the Church. Being here in Utah has been different, but I’m excited about this school year.”

If you haven’t met Paora, you definitely should. There are many international students from all over the world at American Heritage School. Meet them and find out where they’re from. You may find you have more in common than you thought.