Mr. Dye is Back!

Annika Southern

Halle Purles, Staff Writer

Mr. Dye has returned from China and is excited to be teaching 10th grade History and AP European Literature here at AHS. Mr. Dye has spent the last two years in China teaching at an international school. He taught as a high school teacher specializing in a variety of subjects such as History and Literature. All of these classes were taught in English, which is important to the students so they will be able to go to countries such as the United States where they can further their education at college.

Mr. Dye had some amazing experiences in China and also tried very interesting foods. One of the foods he mentioned was durian, which is a foul smelling fruit. “When we went to Thailand they had signs up around hotels and taxis that said, ‘No durian’ because it smelled so bad, but many Chinese people just simply love it,” declared Mr. Dye after telling us that durian was one of his least favorite foods. He also told us that they have a food item called stinky tofu, which, “smells like sewage and tastes like rotten fish.” However, he has a food that he particularly liked in China. Eggplant, he said, was never on his list of favorite foods, but he really likes the way they cook eggplant over in China, so it became one of his favorite dishes while he was there. As much as Mr. Dye enjoyed teaching and living in China he says he loves being back home.

Durian fruit:

photo credit: Annika Southern