Memes: Good v. Bad

Maylan Halverson, Staff Writer

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Memes have been around since 1990, which is almost 30 years. The first memes included the Hampster Dance, putting text over colorful pictures, and a dancing baby called Baby Cha-Cha-Cha. Since then, memes have evolved into the often strange, always random things we have today.

Thousands of memes are being made every day. Today, anyone can make a meme. With so many kinds of inspiration and people making these them, it’s inevitable that some memes will be better than others. Humor is usually the driving force behind most memes, and as many will know, some ideas of humor are not funny at all. Yes, memes can be good, and yes, they can bring joy to the universe, but some memes are actually harmful. It’s all well and good to talk about raiding Area 51, but not even Naruto running will protect you from the force of the army. And making fun of a group of people by using a meme is unkind. Chances are, if a meme is made, millions if not billions of internet using people are going to see it. And if that meme is made to hurt someone and it gains popularity, then that person or group can actually be affected negatively.

This is not to say that memes are bad, in fact memes are awesome. It’s just when those memes are used to hurt or make fun of other people or treat serious topics like a joke, it can turn into a negative thing. Look at the good memes, and avoid the bad ones. If a meme can cause negative results, then don’t go there. Choose good memes and good humor, and life will get all the better. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.