Where’s the Honor? A Look at AHS Honor Code

Chloe Morrill, Managing Editor

Always Honor and Serve. As students at American Heritage School, we commit to live by the Honor and Dress Codes. But, why are these commitments so important?

“We believe that properly wearing the uniform:
* Displays unity, modesty, neatness, and dignity;
* Demonstrates respect for self, education, teachers, and fellow students;
* Facilitates focus on learning and service, rather than on clothing and accessories;
* Supports an appropriate distinction between the genders; and
* Reminds students of their commitment to live by the American Heritage Mission Statement” (Uniform Policy).

Long-time students will remember that when we go on field trips we wear the Friday Dress Uniform. Wherever we go, we are told, we represent the Lord, the Church, the school, and our families, following Mosiah 18:9 as it says that we should, “stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in.”

“As far as the Honor Code, I think the best response is from the first page of For the Strength of Youth,” Mrs. Acuna told us. “As the Student Government theme states our goal is to work together to get here (graduation) to get there (temple). In all we do we are trying to prepare you to go to the temple where you will be expected to make and keep many more serious and sacred covenants than you currently do.”  Mrs. Acuna continues, “Finally, I’ll share with you an experience I shared with teachers in our morning devotional recently. My daughter is currently serving a mission in the Philippines. While in the MTC they asked her to follow a fairly strict dress code including only wearing one ring per hand and not wearing colorful socks. She had taken many rings with her (several on each hand) that were gifts from me, her sister and a friend. When I asked her how she felt about these requirements she quoted a Never to Be Forgotten Truth to me from seventh grade, ‘Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles.’ She told me that no rings or colorful socks are worth the blessings she needed from Heavenly Father as she did her best to learn a new language, adapt to a different lifestyle and be a sister training leader.”

Mr. Beckwith, our amazing principal, said, “Does an Honor Code mean that students can’t express themselves in unique ways? Of course not!” “Just as there are breathtaking solos in a concerto and brilliant individual performances in athletics, our individual strengths are actually magnified when the team is unified! That’s the whole point of the Honor Code, the Dress and Grooming standards, and all of the other policies that exist at the school.”

Patriots can read the Uniform Policy and Honor Code at american-heritage.org under ‘About Us’.