Do NCAA Athletes Deserve to be Paid?

Max Wright, Staff Writer

NCAA athletes do deserve to be paid. Famous basketball players, Draymond Green and LeBron James think players should be paid.“The NCAA is corrupt, we know that” states James. Additionally, Draymond Green stated “You spend so much time in college broke, with no money, and yet everybody else was living very well … The university is making a ton of money off your likeness. It does not make any sense”.

Both James and Green believe that in order for the NCAA to become less corrupt the organization needs to start paying the sports players for the revenue they help bring into the school. At Alabama, the athletics brought in $177 million in 2018. However, none of this money goes to the players who did all the work. Their coaches get paid millions of dollars, but the players get nothing. Is this fair? No! If universities are making that much money off of the players on their teams, then the players deserve at least a portion of it.

American Heritage senior Conner Mckee agrees, “Yes, NCAA athletes should be paid for many reasons. One of them is, they always put their life on the line in games. Also they have no time to get jobs because they are too busy training and doing school. They do get scholarships but most of them don’t just give you money to support you”. These players are the main reason fans come and pay money to watch the game. Without the income these players bring in, the universities would not be able to support as many programs. If the universities pay the players they may lose some of the money they are earning right now. However, if they think about how much less money they would have without their NCAA athletes, it would definitely be worth it.

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