What a Season! AHS Baseball

Kamele Lung, Staff Writer

This year at American Heritage School, the first ever baseball team was formed. Starting out with only ten players to losing a player, then gaining another player, this team has seen it all. With only one freshman, Tanner Sosa (#12) and a few sophomores including Tanner Young (#5) and Evan Rutherford (#1), it was a pretty young team. They have seen its ups and downs, including some injuries. Junior Stirling Todd (#21) broke his finger early in the season, along with getting hit by a ball to his eye/nose, however this did not stop him or the team. Although this team has had some rough times, they also had some really amazing moments. The Patriots won their first game on September 17th against St. Joseph (13-12). Junior AJ Willardson (#7), crossed home plate three times along with bringing in two other players which made up five out of the thirteen runs. Sophomore Kolby Sisneros (#3), starter pitcher of the game, and ending catcher also played an amazing game. However, this was only the beginning of their season.

Celebrating win at Playoffs against UMA!

Following this game, the Patriots won their first doubleheader against Utah Military Academy (Camp Williams) (10-6) & (17-7) on September 20th. Not to mention, another two wins, the first against American Prep West Valley on September 27th (6-2) from winning pitcher, junior Christian Anderson (#2), and the second win against Rockwell on September 30th (11-7) with four hits from junior Keeden Sisneros (#4).

Throughout the season, the team found out they qualified to play in playoffs against the #1 team in the league, UMAH. Going into the 5th inning the Patriots were down 1-6 and needed a comeback. Gaining 12 runs in the fifth inning was definitely the comeback they needed. To end the game, in the 7th and final inning with 2 outs, the runner stole second base to go to third base, Sophomore, Kolby Sisneros (#3), threw the ball to third baseman, McKay, who received and tagged the runner. Senior, McKay Monson (#20) says, “Making the winning out at playoffs felt pretty good. Just having that unique moment during the game where I tagged the player stealing, that not everyone gets to experience was a special opportunity.”

Mrs. Jansen
AHS Varsity Baseball Team

Although the team may not have won every game, overall they played their hearts out and had an incredible season. Senior, McKay Monson (#20) says, “When the season started, as a new team, we didn’t know how to play together, and we lacked experience. But eventually as time went on, and as we practiced, we got better and better. We became a super good team and made it to the state tournament which is a lot farther than anyone thought.” Making it to Championship and placing 4th was something not a lot people expected. The Patriots ultimately stuck together and had an awesome season!