Student Pup Spotlights

Rebekah Knudsen, Staff Writer

We come to school five days a week 36 weeks a year and we see the same people in the same classes all the time. We hardly know what these people do after they leave school and go home. Some lucky people here at AHS get to go home to a very special family member. Their dog! Today we are going to be shining a spotlight on some dogs owned by people in our AHS community. We hope you enjoy learning about these absolutely adorable pups. Here we go!

This is Catherine Howard and her dog Marigold (picture below). Marigold is a golden doodle who likes to eat toast and as Catherine put it, “Gaze in a confused manner at other dogs.” She is four years old and a real cutie! Catherine also tells us about one of Marigold’s adorable and funny quirks, “Marigold is under the impression that quail and elderly people are threats to humanity.” She’s definitely set on protecting her people well! Thank you Catherine and thank you Marigold.

Catherine Howard and Marigold

Next we have Eliza Fichialos and her dog Mako. Mako is a nine year old Italian greyhound who loves snuggles and cheese.

Eliza says, “He listens for the sound of a certain fridge door that has cheese in it, and comes running when he hears it.” That’s really sweet of Him. Other interesting things about Mako is the fact that He used to be a show dog! Eliza tells us “…he won a bunch of awards. you can actually look him up on the google with his show name “island of Mykonos Italian greyhound.”” That’s pretty impressive. Eliza also says that Mako is a very lovable dog who loves to snuggle his humans. Thank you Eliza and Mako.


Next, we have Mrs. Hilmo’s pup, Lucy. She’s an English GoldenDoodle who loves Oinkies (Dog treats) and feet. Mrs. Hilmo says that she loves to come up and play with feet and it appears that she has a huge fascination with them. Lucy is 18 months old and so adorable! Thank you both.


Then we have the Morrills Pups, Chewie on the left and Thor on the right. They’re both goldendoodles and twin brothers! “They’ll eat whatever we give them.” Says Ethan. He also says that they’re about six and they love to go on walks, cuddle, and climb on the couch. Chloe tells about how her dog Thor will lay his head on her when she pets him. They are so sweet and cute. Thank you Ethan, Chloe, Chewie and Thor.

Chewie and Thor