Instagram is Hiding Likes

Rebekah Knudsen, Staff Writer

Instagram has changed their platform to hide likes from from the eyes of the public. Now “when posting a picture” only the poster can see the amount of likes their picture gets. Instagram decided to test this new platform in Canada last May and then spread the test to many other places worldwide. Then this November Instagram started the test here in the USA.

Now if a post on instagram gets under 1,000 likes the page will only show the name of the person who first liked it and “others” instead of the amount of others who have liked that post.

Hiding the likes is all in an attempt to make Instagram a safe place for teens to show creativity. By hiding the likes, Instagram is hoping that they can help teenagers to focus less on the amount of likes they get and more on the picture itself. They are hoping that the creative aspect of Instagram will shine through.

Unfortunately, a lot of individuals’ entire career is based on Instagram. Will hiding the likes affect their business? @hotcocoareads, Jeana Quigley says, “I honestly have been looking forward to the test. you can opt in or out and I honestly think because of the level of stress you can have based on a post it’s actually a little more relaxing for me to not have to worry about all the likes.”

We also learn from Jeana that hiding likes won’t be affecting the business based accounts and that people can choose whether they want to participate in the test or not.

It’s definitely going to be a big step for Instagram to hide the likes from viewers because of the huge “like culture” we have developed in society today, but do think it will help boost creativity in Instagram users and relieve a lot of teens from stress related to how many likes they get on Instagram.