More Than Academics

How AHS Prepares Students for Life

Nettie Knudsen, Staff Writer

American Heritage School is an academically excellent institution where the faculty and the students work through their problems with unity and diligence. It is an exceptional place of learning and reverence. The students can learn with the help of the Spirit and the fabulous teachers. AHS has several amazing programs and unique classes.

In response to the question, “How does American Heritage prepare students for real life?” Mr. Beckwith, the principle here at AHS said, “Some of our alumni students have said that when they come back from missions and college, they say that we have classmates and we have mission companions and we have friends who went to good schools and got into good schools and they went on missions, but we feel like we had a really great tool set for understanding moral principles, for reasoning things with a spiritual perspective. They felt like that was their real advantage.”

Truth is an essential asset to education. Having strong moral standards is also essential. True greatness is a product of hard work.

Mr. Beckwith is also the Principles of Leadership teacher and he loves that class. In Principles of Leadership, students learn effective communication and coping skills. Only great things come out of that class.

Although American Heritage School is an exceptional school in academics, it also prepares its students for the adventures of real life. Being an adult and growing up is difficult. Students, faculty, and families love AHS. It is a real blessing to be able to attend American Heritage School.