Get Your Dance On

Kamele Lung, Staff Writer

At American Heritage School there are many extracurricular activities along with elective and fine arts classes students can participate in. One fun and exciting class AHS offers is ballroom.

In the course directory reports it reads, “Ballroom Dance courses at American Heritage School are designed to give students technical and intellectual experiences in American, Latin, and International Ballroom, in addition to an exposure to other forms of partnered dance, such as Contemporary, Classic Ballet, and Cabaret. Students learn how developing their talents can have a positive effect on the community and can create opportunities for service. Ballroom participation help students gain an appreciation for the art of dance and how it may be utilized to help build the kingdom of God (American Heritage Mission Statement, point #1).”


This is freshman, Kenya Clark’s second year dancing ballroom at AHS and she loves it! Kenya has danced tap, ballet, hip hop, and contemporary when she was younger, but she truly loves ballroom. She says, “I personally have always wanted to do ballroom because when I was a little girl I had these dreams of me dancing, and I just thought it was the coolest thing, so when I actually got into ballroom I was just so happy!”

Kamele Lung

Kenya goes on to share about her AHS ballroom experience, “ I like the way AHS teaches because I am always on my toes and staying focused. I like the way Mrs. McOmber teaches because she is also willing to go over things again which helps me.”

Kamele Lung

Junior, Hunter Christiansen has been dancing ballroom for three and a half years and really enjoys dancing ballroom also. Hunter dances rumba, swing, jive, waltz, foxtrot and tango. He shares about his experience at the ballroom competition on November 5th “I wasn’t as prepared as I could’ve been for the competition, but I got through 3 heats which I was happy about. I really like doing the competitions and it’s been really fun and really enjoyable.”