Embrace the Cringiness

An Article About Being Yourself


Maylan Halverson, Staff Writer

In the world today, there are billions of different people living on the earth. They all come from different places and live different lives. Sometimes, different personalities can seem strange and weird to us. In fact, we might think that about other people, or even about ourselves. Often, the pressure of other people to be “cool” can make us want to change our personality and how we act, so that we can be perceived as “cool” to them.

This is not the best idea. Everyone on earth was made with a different personality and a different way of being, and that’s what makes everyone unique. Changing that personality to fit in with other people is covering up what you were meant to be. Imagine a world where everyone had the same personality, because that was what was “cool.” That would be very, very boring. That is why everyone was made with a completely different combination of personality traits.
Don’t hide or change your personality. It’s special and unique the way it is. If you’re worried about your friends not liking the real you, then those are probably the wrong friends.
Don’t worry about what other people might say. They really will like you more for who you actually are, as opposed to who you pretend to be. So be the real you. That’s what makes you really cool.