Got New Year’s Resolutions?

Tips to Make Them Stick

Halle Purles, Staff Writer

Many people set New Year’s resolutions that are simply hard to follow through with. Often resolutions involve a big “end in mind” goal that has not been touched or is completely forgotten by the middle of the year. So here we are to give a few tips to help you reach your goals.
1. Set realistic goals. Instead of having your goal be, “Eat better” try something that can lead to that such as; “No sugar till the weekend” or “Eat at least two different fruits a day”. Habits take time to develop and can not change overnight. Set small goals to change habits.
2. Plan a time frame. If completing a goal is constantly being put off, then how could we continue to make new goals that get them closer to their desired outcome? Instead of “By the end of the year I want to be able to do 60 push-ups a day” try breaking up the year into sections, “By February I want to be able to do 10 push-ups a day.” Often you can break it down even smaller by setting the goal of, “I am going to do 3 push-ups a day”. Then as the year goes on the number of push-ups can be added upon and by the end of the year, the goal would be accomplished and there would have been less stress to get it done.
3. Carefully pick a goal. New Year’s resolutions do not need to be some large, change your way of living goal. When struggling to pick a resolution, find something small that you have wanted to improve on.
4. Reward yourself. For many people, this tip works well and helps them reach their final goal. Find something that you love and then plan it as a reward for when you finish a certain part of a goal. Some rewards may be a night out with friends, a bubble bath, or even taking a day just to relax.
5. Talk about it. If you share your resolution with others, they may be able to help you accomplish it. Friends or family may even want to join you in your goal. Start by telling someone what your resolution is and every few weeks check in with them to tell them how you are doing with your goal. They may have more suggestions to help you succeed.