Student Job Ideas

Max Wright, Staff Writer

Many high school students are old enough to have jobs, but it can be a challenge to choose which is the best route when it comes to juggling work and school.

Some possible ideas to consider include:

AF Rec Center

At this job, students can help referee the basketball and flag football games held at the rec center or keep the game score. If someone likes sports, this could be the job for you. Even more enticing is the pay, which varies from $8-$16 an hour.


They help their employees develop good manners, and maybe they will let you have a discount on their food. This is a good job for someone who wants to work at a nice place and learn some good manners. The average pay is $10.40 an hour

Landscaping for Highland City/Lehi City, or private companies

If you enjoy working outside, a good idea for a job might be landscaping. The average pay for teen landscapers is around $12 an hour.

Movie Theater Attendant

Most theaters have a great working atmosphere. Also, most movie theaters give great benefits like free movies and free popcorn. The average pay is about $8.20 an hour


Even though having a job may be a challenge for some people, it is a good challenge because jobs are a great way to develop good habits for and make a little money at the same time. Ask your friends where they work and reach out to adults in your circle to get insight and advice when considering a having a job as a student.