AHS Tough

Nettie Knudsen, Staff Writer

Athletes are tough.They endure gruelling hours of practice, intense games, and sore muscles. They do all this while balancing school, homework, and family life. It can become pretty stressful.
Jenaya van der Beek is a well-known athlete among the students at American Heritage. She participates in basketball, volleyball, tennis, and track and field with AHS. She has been playing sports for AHS for about four years. She believes that the hardest thing overall is “the insane schedule that we have. You know, practice and school and getting home and eating and sleeping. It’s crazy how we can do all that and make it all work. It’s exhausting, mentally and physically. All your teammates are depending on you, and you’re depending on them.”
Jenaya says that she loves sports because she can “have something to look forward to after school. I love that I can go and have an outlet for all my stress.”

The relationships athletes make with their teammates are incredible. To be able to watch them play together, to be so in sync with each other, is amazing. Jenaya says that her “friendships with her teammates are some of the strongest in the world. I am so grateful that I am able to play alongside my best friends.”
American heritage is full of astounding athletes and Jenaya is one of them. They have admirable patience, strength, and discipline. Let’s go out and support all of our athlet