Student Spotlight: Chelsea Waddell

Rebekah Knudsen, Staff Writer

Meet Chelsea Waddell, a junior here at American Heritage School. She is an absolute blast to be around and an outstanding vocal performer. Along with being in A Capella Choir, Chamber Choir, and AHS’ upcoming Musical, The Trail of Dreams, Chelsea takes private voice coaching and does a lot of singing outside of American Heritage walls. Chelsea has been singing her entire life and would like to make it her future career. Chelsea says that she would possibly like to go to BYU after high school and would love to become a part of commercial music. Even with all that talent, she is still very humble and kind, “I really like making people happy and using my talents to support or to benefit other people.” Chelsea says.

Chelsea moved here to Utah from Texas just last semester to go to school here at AHS. She is brand new to Utah’s environment and is still learning about our starkly different cultures and ways of being.

Chelsea’s mother is Japanese and she loves her Asian half. She says, “That plays a really big part in my life just because it helps me to know who I am and definitely plays a part in who I am everyday. Including how I act and how I define myself and I think that is a really important part about me.”

We would highly encourage everyone at AHS to get to know Chelsea as she is an amazing and friendly girl with spunk and personality.