Why AHS?


Luke Lacey, staff writer

American Heritage is one of the best private schools in Utah. We are in the top three for private schools statewide for size in student body, and for extracurricular activities. Our average ACT score is 25% higher than Utah and the nation. Our graduation statistics are solid too – in 2019, 100% of the seniors graduated. The reason why most of us go to American Heritage is because we want a better environment where we all have the same standards, as well as seeking a good education. Private schools get to choose their own curricula while public schools are more bound by what the government wants them to do. This is one of the most important aspects of American Heritage because it allows us to talk about our church and have an honor code that encompasses our values. “It’s a really good school where I could learn more about the church and be in a better environment than in the school that I went to before” says Max Wright, a junior at American Heritage. Most of us feel this way and it is really important for us and our families because we make sacrifices to attend this great school, and others have sacrificed to build it.