Friendship: An Underappreciated Necessity

Tasia Carr, Staff Writer

Imagine coming to school each day and not having even one friend to talk to or hang out with. School would soon become a lonely and unenjoyable place. At American Heritage there are some students that feel this way. Wouldn’t we want someone to reach out and be a friend to us? Couldn’t we try to reach out and be friends with someone who needs one? Friends definitely cannot cure loneliness, but they do help us feel loved and cared for. Sometimes we take for granted friendships that we need so much.
Friends can confuse us, challenge us and sometimes annoy us. We can start to question why we even bother with relationships. However, did you know friendships are just as important as exercise to physical and mental health? A good friend can help us deal with stress, anxiety and even physical pain. When we are having a bad day and just want to lie in bed, our friends can be there to help us through it. Even just hanging out with friends can help us carry on and feel happy in times of trial. It is so important to have at least one friend that you can tell anything to and who can always make you laugh. True friends are there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. People never realize how important friends actually are until they do not have them.
One of the biggest struggles teenagers face is self-confidence. When we receive a genuine compliment from a friend, it can change how we feel about ourselves. When a friend really takes time to listen, it helps us feel more loved and appreciated. We are all struggling with something, so it is always nice to have someone who is supportive. Perhaps, one of the greatest ways to boost self-confidence is when we are accepted for who we are. True friends will stand up for each other and have each other’s backs when necessary. Patriots, please be a friend to others and let your friends know how much you love and appreciate them. 🙂