A Senior’s Look Back

Kamele Lung, Staff Writer

Senior year can be a stressful time. However looking back on the memories one has made, one then realize that it was actually fun along the way, too. Here at Patriot Press we reached out to a few seniors to hear their favorite memories.

Trustine Chun shares, “My favorite high school memory was when the seniors did a trip to Hobble Creek. I liked it because it was an escape to forget about school and worries, and to just focus on unity in our grade.”

Ashleigh Johnson agrees with Trustine when she says, “My favorite high school memory was also Hobble Creek. It was just awesome! Mr. Haymond is just amazing and to be up there with him and hearing his stories, his testimony, and playing around, doing service and being thrown in the water was just fun.”

Johnny Miller shares that his favorite memory was doing Patriot News. “There are a lot of favorite high school memories of mine, but this year, making Patriot News was really cool. Even though it was stressful at times, there was a lot of stuff to learn and it’s a really cool experience.”

Lastly, Courtney Buck says, “Being on the tennis team was really fun because I made all those friends, and I went to dances with my tennis group. But, my favorite high school memory was going to St. George with my tennis team my junior year. We stayed at the same condo together, and we would wake up every morning and play tennis together and swim at night together. It was super fun!”

As these seniors share, they all grew closer to their friends and were strengthened personally. Whether it is forming a unity in their grade, getting to know people around campus, or bonding a friendship with teammates, they were able to grow.