Student Spotlight: Christian Sorensen

Joe Crawford, Staff Writer

Today’s spotlight is on Christian Sorensen. Christian is a 14 year old 9th grader here at AHS, and is an outstanding young man. Christian is creative and loves music. He is currently in a band and is a lead in the school musical, Trail of Dreams. Christian loves jokes, because he loves to see people smile.

Christian has been attending AHS for 10 years. He has lived in Utah for a majority of his life, but before that, he lived in Texas. He is a determined person, and sticks with endeavors until the end. He’s been able to accomplish amazing goals. He has become a skilled musician, and a star athlete.

During our interview, Christian talked about how he enjoys the finer things in life. He enjoys cuisine such as  macaroni, three lb steaks, and FroYo. He talked about how he often paints with watercolor, on other peoples faces, while they are asleep. He also loves to play the guitar and sing. When he was asked what his favorite color is he only replied with“the color of your eyes”. He is in a band called The Phat Lipids. He is also trying to start a “Fraternity” called The Alpha Pack for others with his same interests.

In all seriousness now, Christian is a wonderful, kind-hearted guy. He never passes someone by who needs help. His goals are to go to either BYU or Hillsdale for college. He hopes to start a family in the future. His dream jobs are either to be a personal trainer and help others get into shape like others helped him, or he wants to be a talk show host to inform people of the truth. Either way, his dream is to help people. Take my word for it, Christian is definitely worth getting to know. 😉