Scriptures not Social Media


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

One great way to survive this crazy time.

Chloe Morrill, Managing Editor

As we transition to online schooling, the workload may seem overwhelming. We aren’t sure how to turn in some assignments or even when they are due as we adjust. Eventually, that will come easier. Now, however, the real problem seems to be: what do we do with all of this extra time?

Time management skills are going down the drain now that school is online. The internet — with rabbit holes like Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube — is an endless source of information and fun. Social Media platforms suck our time away and make us think that we are enjoying ourselves, but when we scroll through an Instagram feed or looking for a vine to watch on YouTube we start endlessly scrolling. We stare at the screen hoping to see something that looks interesting. While Social Media seems like a good way to connect with the outside world, it steals the precious time we could have used to do something good.

Try this: instead of turning to Social Media (Despite how tempting it can be), go to the scriptures first. As we turn to the scriptures and the words of prophets and apostles, not only will we be engaged, but we will find ourselves coming closer to Christ and feeling the Spirit more often. Just remember to do your homework!