AHS International Students Being Affected by Covid19

Kamele Lung, Staff Writer

With American Heritage School announcing almost a month ago that school will be moved online, due to COVID19, many international students have been left to make the decision to either stay in the United States or return home to their families. After speaking to junior, Chrystee Xing, she explains why she left to go back to China to be with her family.

Chrystee first explains her current status: “Right now I am in quarantine by myself for two weeks, and I have just made one week here. It’s not that bad (being in quarantine) and it’s actually pretty awesome. I can time manage myself and do whatever I want in my room. I don’t feel held back. A bonus is when I get hungry, I order food from an app and it comes straight to me, which has been really fun.”

She then goes on to explain why she left to go back to China, “We are doing onlines classes so I can still have school, and I can still stay with my family. With the United State shutting everything down, I would rather be with my family during this crazy time. Everything in China is getting much better. People are now starting to go back to work and school. My family is doing well, and my younger brothers are doing online classes still, and my parents can now go back to work.”

There have however been a few slight adjustments to Chrystee’s schedule that have thrown her off. “The important difference is the time, because of the time change. I have school late at night, into the early morning. However, I have been able to make things work.” Chrystee says, “If AHS has school on campus, then definitely I’ll go back. But for now, I’m staying here, in China with my family.”

Due to COVID19, students are forced to make a change in their schedules by doing their courses online for the time being. Luckily for international students, they are able to go back home and be with their families during this crazy time while doing school online. Now that China is getting better, there is hope that soon, other countries around the world will get better too.