Athletes Work Around Postponed Seasons


Halle Purles, Staff Writer

Sport seasons world-wide are being postponed or cancelled.
It started on March 11th when the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder were getting ready for tip off. The officials stopped the game and, a of couple minutes later, declared that the game was postponed because of the coronavirus.
And that was just the beginning…
In the following weeks, the NBA suspended their season and the NCAA cancelled all remaining championships. This is in addition to many other sports that have postponed or cancelled their seasons or training seasons such as the MLB, who suspended their spring training and pushed back their season opening. There are so many more associations that have had to pause their seasons due to the spread of COVID-19.
A common question is, what is going to happen with the Olympics?
Only a few days ago it was decided that the Tokyo Olympic games would be postponed until next year, 2021.
What will those athletes do?
Olympic athletes plan their training and their lives around the Olympics so for the games to be postponed until August of next year is a big deal for them. Still, proceeding with the games would mean taking a big risk for everyone’s health. These dedicated athletes are going to have to continue training and rework their schedules to accommodate this great change.