The Benefit of Writing Contests


Emmanuel Polanco

Mason Longhurst, Staff Writer

One of the most important things someone can possibly learn is how to write. Sure, it may seem simple and easy. “Just put words and sentences together,” they might say. And that is technically correct. But is this simple process everything there is to writing? It is not. To write a good essay, you must conduct research, use correct grammar, and write a captivating story. Now that may seem hard. But one of the best ways to practice is through an essay contest!

There are many essay contests open to students, and they are a fun and easy way to practice writing skills. Not only that, but entering also gives competitors a chance to be rewarded for their writing. Essay competitions give contestants a chance to submit their work to an unbiased judge who does not know them. And whether they win or not, students can still have a fun time learning, writing, and thinking.

Writing contests can also have a lasting effect. Whether it is because students learned something that they think is valuable or because they had a good experience, they may remember the contest for years. American Heritage freshman Gabe Cannon, in response to questions about his experience with the DAR American History Essay Contest, stated that, while the research was irritating, the contest as a whole was “an interesting learning experience”. And if teens do decide to try their hand at a contest, they will have their own experience and opinion.

Every year, the Daughters of the American Revolution hold both an American History Essay Contest and a Christopher Columbus Essay Contest. I encourage everyone to search out this contest and enter it. Fifth through eighth-graders can participate in the American History Essay Contest, while all highschoolers can enter into the Columbus Essay Contest. This year for the history contest, the topic is the 250th anniversary of the Boston Massacre. There are quite a few other contests open to young writers, and they all provide a fun, interesting learning experience. Next time you are bored and have nothing to do, think of writing contests, and all the benefits that come with this competition.