The Purpose of the Uniform Policy


Lauren Hill, Staff Writer

One of the most conspicuous commitments we make at American Heritage School is our commitment to the uniform policy. So, why do many students struggle to completely comply with the uniform policy? “Maybe…they just do not really see why we have it [the Uniform policy], said freshmen McKay Webb. Perhaps if students better understood the reasoning behind the uniform policy, they would be more willing to keep their commitment to it.

Judith Rasband, fashion and image consultant, speaker, and  author said, “The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act, and the way others react to us.” Wearing the uniform influences the way we behave, creating a better learning environment at the school. “When students come in spirit wear, a lot of the times their behavior changes because of the way they are dressed,” disclosed Mrs. Goodrich, front office manager. Studies performed at schools around the United States and other countries all showed that wearing a uniform increased attentiveness in classes and decreased the level of noise in the classroom.

The uniform also makes it easier for us to get past a barrier that might have hindered us from talking to new people. When asked about the purpose of the uniform policy, eighth-grader Bella Unzaga said, “So…people don’t have to judge other people’s outfits and compare themselves.” In our modern world, many people are judged by what they wear. Wearing a uniform almost eliminates the possibility of this. “I have seen an interesting perspective with some students who wear the uniform and are friends with people who wear the uniform…after school when they get together in non-uniform attire I have noticed some people wonder how to treat their current friends because they dress in a way that they [the student] normally would not have befriended that person because of how they dress,” explained eleventh-grade teacher Miss Crossley.

“[We have the uniform policy] to help us concentrate and make people feel like they are in a safe spot,” said freshmen Bethany Braddy. Keeping our commitments to wearing the uniform makes it easier to focus on what is truly important at the school- learning to the best of our abilities and finding the Spirit.