Unity Now More Than Ever


Hannah Hatch, Staff Writer

Early March 2020, a global pandemic has dramatically changed the way of life for people across the globe. News sites cover coronavirus statistics, stories from survivors, and those less fortunate. Ever since March it feels like everyone has been living in a collective fever dream straight out of a dystopian novel where no one seems to be the main character, unfortunately, current events are very real. Although COVID has started to seem like old news and has been putting people down with apocalyptic events, it is now more important than ever that we have unity. Wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing are all measures that can be taken to protect not only ourselves but those around us. Even if we are not worried about ourselves getting sick, one could never know who might have a high-risk family member or friend, or who might be high-risk themselves. 


During this time family has become very important, we’ve been cooped up with them for months and some have realized the need for a good family dynamic and fluent communication during times of crisis. Many have been struggling at home whether it be a difficult home life or the sickness of family members.