Tapping Into Greatness

Life Lessons from AHS Staff


Ariana Bell, Staff Writer

As we make our journey through life on earth, we experience many different situations and hardships. These bumpy roads on our path are there for very important reasons. They exist to teach us lessons and help us learn. Two members of the staff, Mr. Earnest and Mrs. Acuña were interviewed for this article and were questioned about the lessons they have learned so far. 

Mr. Earnest says that God is always right and that promptings should always be listened to. He learned this the hard way by ignoring a prompting and breaking his thumb in the process. After that, a scar appeared on his thumb to forever remind him that God is always right.

Other lessons he’s learned

  • Continue to be goofy
  • If someone calls you weird, it’s a compliment
  • It’s worth it to always love people
  • As an individual, you are amazing 

 Mrs. Acuña says, “do your best and turn the rest over to God. We do not control everything, but He does. He will make everything okay in the end.” 

When she had six children at home, her husband filed for divorce and she didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to provide for all of her children. She discovered within that process how many miracles God bestows upon his children. God helped her to find a job to meet her children’s needs and helped her heart heal to find a new, wonderful husband. God gave her a home full of love and happiness. She learned that when we have challenges and hardships, we can either respond with anger and frustration, or we can respond with humility and submission. God’s grace never ends and is more powerful than any tragedy that befalls us.