Music Today/VMA’s


Hannah Hatch, Staff Writer

On August 30th, the MTV Video music awards were hosted in New York City. Award shows have not been available for live audiences, however, the “VMAs” had an impressive pre-show performance with popular artists such as Lady Gaga, BTS, and Doja Cat that were streamed live. These performances can be exciting for many as they anxiously await the performance of their favorite artists and are eager to see what awards they might receive. Some of the award winners were; Lady Gaga who won Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Cinematography, and Best Collaboration with Ariana Grande. BTS with Best Pop, Best K-Pop, Best Group, and Best Choreography. And other winners such as Miley Cyrus, The Weekend, and Taylor Swift. 


 Recently, artist such as BTS and Cardi B have been topping the billboard top 100 at places one and two for the last four weeks, this has been their first billboard #1’s dominating the first two places. BTS has been on top of the billboard top 200 since 2015 making their first top 100 five years later. The k-pop boy band, BTS, have been on the western charts for years breaking records and winning awards, such as their winnings at MAMA where they won artist and album of the year and took home ten awards. Music is a way that we can all stay connected, from across the world, or even just six feet away. The success in the music industry has been stretching much further than North America and the UK , where it has been condensed to in the past, bringing uplifting and heartfelt messages across the world in many different languages. “Music transcends language. BTS communicates with our fans by staying true to ourselves and believing in music every day.” -Kim Namjoon