Pictures and Poetry Contest Winners!


Eliza Fichialos, Associate Editor

The Journalism Staff is proud to present the winners of our October Pictures and Poetry Contest! 

In high school, our two poetry winners were Jack Reed with “Fall” and Katelyn Merten with “Beautiful Transformation”


by Jack Reed

I heard the call of winter

Born on the fading sky.

The silent song of summer

With the sun began to die.

Cold, the lively wither;

Dead, the great ones fall;

Lonely, sings the winter

And to shiver at its call.

I watched the leaves glow brighter

Before the fading came,

The last and desperate flicker

Of a dying candle flame.

All things are doomed to die

And all are bound to fall,

To crumble into Ash and Earth,

The leaves that be us all.

But the Ash that grows a flower,

The seed within the Earth,

Bear fruit to never sour;

Death is nothing but rebirth.

Love begats its Sorrow,

And Sorrow begats Love;

Born the brilliant Phoenix

From the ashes of the Dove.

Weep not at the dying

Of fading field and fen;

Cry not at its passing,

For spring will come again.


Beautiful Transformation

by Katelyn Merten

    It’s time again,

    Death comes with a warm color palette,

    Putting on one final show,

    Though with not so warm an embrace.

    But death is not the end,

    Just a transformation,

   Making way for new life.



The high school photography winner was Ryan Mitchell, with this beautiful shot:



The middle school’s two poetry winners were Camryn Woodley with “The Fall” and Sawyer Dawson with “Fall”


The Fall

by Camryn Woodley

Like the leaves, we bend and fold

Wrinkles come and we get old

Like the leaves, we come and go

We’ll fall and flail when harsh winds blow

Like the leaves, we can change

Colors all of different range

Like the leaves, we must let go

We’ll land in places we don’t know

We are fragile, we can break

but with this hurt, we can make

Beauty that’s beyond compare

A fresh warm spirit in the cold brisk air

Though it may be hard to perceive

That is why, we’re like the leaves.



by Sawyer Dawson

Out in the meadow lush and green,

Summer lies there all happy and lean.

She allows the sun to shine with brightness galore,

While children run and swim and play games on the floor.

But alas, her turn was over, and she had to leave her spot.

For she had to make room for a different sort of plot. 

Her friend’s name was Fall and he was a bright little fellow: 

He came with a chill, and turned the leaves yellow.

He tries his best to get ready for winter to come around,

He has the leaves fall off the trees, and sweeps them off the ground.

Many people on earth like him just the same. 

They too liked to walk around and rake the leaves, a sort of game.

He and Winter are quite a team, they get it ready for spring. 

They make the ground ready; they surely are the King and Queen.

After a quarter of a year, Fall’s work is finally done;

He whistles away with a smile on his face: He has had all his fun.

Don’t worry about him leaving, he will come back next year. 

He’ll turn all the leaves a beautiful color, He’ll make us forget our fear.


Gentry Fallon’s beautiful shot won the photography section of the middle school:


Congratulations to all of our winners, and a big thanks to everyone who entered!