Fun Fall Craft Ideas


Sarah Joy Rowley, Staff Writer

Fall is a beautiful time of year but the weather is cold. Here are some fun craft ideas for cold fall stay-inside days.

  1. Yarn Pumpkins

    All you need is:
    21 pieces of orange yarn, cut to 36 inch lengths
    2 ounces of white glue (I used glue from the dollar store)
    1 balloon (12 inch size), blown up half full
    1 brown pipe cleaner and 1 green pipe cleaner

    Blow up the balloon.
    Put the glue in a bowl.
    Dip the Yarn in the glue.
    Place the glued yarn on the balloon.
    When you have covered your balloon then cut a hole in the top of the ballon so the balloon can deflated and then remove the balloon.
    Then take your brown pipe cleaner and turn it into a stem. Take the green pipe cleaner and turn it into vines.
    Now let your pupkin fully dry for 24 hours.
  2. Fall leaf bouquet

    All you need is:
    Branches with colorful fall leaves

    This one is pretty simple. Take your branches and arrange them in a vase and you have a really pretty leaf arrangement.
  3. Plant Glass

    All you need is:
    A glass (preferably a glass cylinder, don’t use a glass that is rounded from top to bottom only use on that is rounded from side to side like a normal glass.)
    Some flowers or leaves (Make a Fall one by using leaves)
    Modge Podge
    Paint Brush
    Parchment Paper
    Clothes Iron

    Start by gathering leaves.
    After you have collected all the ones you want then get some parchment paper and your clothes iron. Take the leaves and place them in between 2 sheets of parchment paper (taping it down is really helpful but you don’t have to.). Iron for around 10 minutes.
    When you are done ironing then take your modge podge and put a little on your glass where your first leaf will go. Put your leaf on the wet glue and then put more glue over it. Repeat this process until you have covered your glass as much as you want.
    Let it dry for 24 hours and then you will have your personalized glass!
    (Note: Do not use as drinking glass and do not wash it because the glue will not hold)

These are really fun simple crafts that will make your house or room a little brighter. They are a really fun activity to even do with your family.