How the Arts Improve Mental Health


Ariana Bell, Staff Writer

It has been proven that when the mind is engaged in the arts, memory and reasoning can be improved so the brain can work more effectively. Art can even help boost confidence, along with alleviating stress, depression, and anxiety. So many people out there have been mentally supported by the creative arts throughout their lives because of how it helps and affects them emotionally. 

            “During my 30 years at Americans for the Arts, I have had the great privilege to visit and learn about a different community nearly every week. While they differ vastly from one another, there is one common strength I have observed: the arts have made a profound impact on the health of each community.” ~ Robert L. Lynch, President, Americans for the Arts. 

In so many different ways and so many different times, doctors and specialists

who work in this field have all been telling us the same things about the arts and how incredible it is in the way it affects the mind.

             “Art is a wound turned into light.” ~ Georges Braque. 

This quote is short, but very impactful. In just one sentence it explains that art is a beautiful healing process.

“Art makes me feel very good because I can let everything go and express it through art.” ~Hannah Hatch, 10th grade.