What Would You Change About the School?


Lauren Hill, Associate Editor

Imagine you are put in charge of the school for one day. What would be the first thing you would change? Is there a school policy that you would abolish? Several students had something that they would change immediately come to their mind.

Kaylee Snapp said, “I think the school is a little too loose with the technology. All the time, I see kids playing video games on the computers and not doing the work and when they are playing computer games it distracts everyone else also. [They could] maybe put something on the computers so we cannot do things we are not supposed to. This will help the students to understand what is happening and pay attention to what the teacher is really talking about.”

While no students complained about the uniform as whole, students had some worries about the application and specificity of the uniform policy. Teressa Jacob, eighth grade, said she would change the school’s stance on appropriate shoe color and type. In addition, she shared that the school is often inconsistent when it comes to enforcing the uniform policy, leading to confusion. She believes that the school needs present a more united front when it comes to the school’s view of the uniform policy.

Two freshman girls, who chose to remain anonymous, commented that they, “would change the schedule so that the classes did not end at weird times,” and “I would just cut out one class if there is an assembly, instead of cutting out a little bit from each class (eliminating assembly schedule).”

While the school is great about having an “all-play” rule, not everyone might be interested in playing the sports offered. Jenny Bryner, junior, commented, “One thing I think I would change is what the focus is on. Unity for example. I think the way we are trying to achieve unity is not efficient enough. One thing I think the school can do is have more focus on [variety of] sports. I have been in a sport and I have seen the affects it has on people and I think it would help us get closer as a school community.”

This year, students have had to attend school in a different environment than in years past. One student, who also asked to have their identity remain anonymous, said they would, “…get rid of Covid…”

While students had some things come to mind as to what they would change at the school, the triviality of many of the suggestions serves as a true testament to the quality of American Heritage School.