Student Spotlight: McKay Webb


Mason Longhurst, Staff Writer

McKay Webb is a freshman this year. He is an outgoing guy who loves talking with people and has made it a point to learn all of his peers’ names. McKay is a talented singer and actor, as well as a great musician. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better

What is your favorite book?

I’ve liked C.S. Lewis, especially the Narnia series for a while now, mostly because I did my seventh grade master project on him. Another great book in Perloo the Bold, by Avi.


What is your favorite movie?

I’d have to say Newsies, though National Treasure is a good one too.


In your opinion, is the Newsies movie or play better?

Well, for the music, I prefer the movie, but if I had the chance to act in either I would prefer the play.


Speaking of musicals, are you in the musical Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this year?

Yeah, I’m in the play as a brother and Potiphar. It’s the story from the Bible in an upbeat tone with music. I think this musical is great for AHS because it covers the Bible story but also just makes it more fun. It’s really fun.


Would you recommend AHS to someone else?

Yes, I would. I like the fact that this is a small school, everyone can get to know everybody throughout their school career. [This] helps others get to know you, where as with a bigger school you can spend four years in the same building and not know each other at all.


How would you describe your AHS experience?

I think I’ve had a really good experience here with the curriculum and people. I really like the musical theater and play productions. All the teachers are really good at what they do. AHS makes sure to pick from the best of the best because they are willing to be slow and careful in choosing their teachers. Some people think that this school is too religious, but it’s not. It helps with the atmosphere. I’ve never really thought that this school had a “holier than thou” feel to it.


What is your favorite play?

My favorite play… I still like Newsies. I also liked being in The Music Man play in seventh grade. I also really liked the Wizard of Oz that the Hale Center Theater did a couple of years back.


What is your favorite hobby?

I like singing and acting and stuff. Aside from that I like napping and building things.

McKay is excited to be back at American Heritage this year. Next time you see him in the hallway, be sure to ask him about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!