Teacher Quirks


Ari Bell, Staff Writer

Teachers are people too, and just like us, they have unique abilities we may not know. Four AHS teachers were interviewed and asked if they had any quirks or unusual abilities.

Did you know that Mrs. Hilmo is also an impressionist? She is able to do incredible horse and lizard impressions. You should see it! She learned these skills as a child and was very proud of her horse neighing. They are quite zany so, growing up, her children would often beg her not to do them in front of their friends.

Ms. Smith has moved twenty-four times in her life. She went to elementary school in Taiwan and spent her high school years in France. She can also sing with her mouth closed, what a talent! How she discovered this was that she had a roommate who could do it, so she decided to try it out too, and it took her a while, but she eventually figured it out.

Mr. Earnest has all kinds of quirks such as wiggling his ears, saying the alphabet backward very fast, somehow being able to fit a full-sized quarter in his nose, popping his ears, and all kinds of impressions including a velociraptor, King Julian, and Kronk. When asked how he discovered these strange talents, he said by “engaging in the strange mysteries of the world.”

Mr. Swenson has traveled to many different places and has eaten many unique and unusual dishes including shark, cow brains, octopus, dog, cat, snails, and horse. In most cases he did not decide to eat them himself, the dishes were placed in front of him, and being the good missionary he was, he ate them. 

How many other teachers also have quirky talents? Ask around and find out!