Why Cats are Actually Aliens

Ariana Bell, Staff Writer

Loved by many, despised by some: cats. Beloved creatures of Earth, correct? Incorrect! If you have a cat, you’ve probably noticed them acting strange and unpredictable. There are many different evidences that prove our fluffy, adorable little fur-faces are actually aliens.


1.They were treated as divine beings in Ancient Egypt. It is true that cats were treated as gifts from the gods themselves. Additionally, there is nothing that documents the existence of cats before the time of Ancient Egypt. Very suspicious! There’s a conspiracy theory that aliens actually built the pyramids, is it possible our little kitties are somehow related..?


2. Cats clearly defy the laws of gravity. Unlike the rest of us, it seems the natural laws of this world don’t apply to these balls of fluff. When falling from a great height, they can swiftly twist their bodies and use their impeccable sense of balance and flexibility to right themselves and land as safely as possible. They have incredible, unearthly reflexes. That rumor about cats having nine lives is likely true because they can fall from multiple stories up with a 90% survival rate.


3. They can change their form from a solid state to a liquid state. If you have a cat, you have witnessed their alienistic body change form. Owning transparent furniture and dishes is a sure way to observe this unnatural phenomenon. Cats are supposed to be solid, correct? However, a liquid, by definition, is ‘something that takes the shape of a container.’ Hence, aliens.


There are so many more reasons we could delve into, including how they choose to smack things they don’t understand — perfectly normal things, to be honest. Or how scientists are baffled on how they produce the purring sound we hear often. Apparently, cats do not possess a specific organ that should be able to create that noise. All evidence cats are other-worldly.