Options for Classes Next Year


Darien Hamilton, Staff Writer

Summer is right around the corner, and while some seniors will be heading off to college, the majority of students will be staying at American Heritage. Plenty can get done in a few months, and there are many things to look forward to next year. Whether it is new classes, or even a new building, many improvements are happening next year. There are also many fun things that students can look forward to in the next year’s curriculum!

The Creativity Lab is a completely new class that is going to take place next year. For everyone who was disappointed they could only take one year of engineering, they can now have this class option, with more space and resources to turn their visions into a reality. The class, which will be taught by Mr. DeBirk, the Introduction to Engineering and Physics Teacher, will most likely fill up quickly and become a popular elective. The school will also offer a wider variety of options for the core curriculum teachers, enabling teachers who previously only taught tenth grade to teach eleventh and even twelfth! 

For those going into Mr. Earnest’s 10th grade English class, many surprises are in store. Mr. Earnest is a skilled actor who incorporates it into his teaching, dressing up as different characters from different time periods and having students sword fight and play improv games during class.