What’s New at AHS?


Mynoa Jacob, Staff Writer

Returning students have probably noticed the changes that happened over the summer. So, for all the new students out there, here are a few new things that have helped make this school year even better than last year.

First and most obviously, the new building. Here’s what students notice about the new section of the school. “I love how much light there is in the new classrooms,” sophomore Belle Densley commented. “The new building is amazing! But it’s hard to walk back and forth for different classes.” Junior Hannah van der Beek added, “I love how the new building makes the school feel more like a campus.”

Students coming from other schools probably don’t see why people here are so excited about the 70-minute lunch period on Wednesdays, but for AHS it is a big new change! Van der Beek is one of many students who is excited about this new opportunity. “I love how [the long lunch] motivates you to be on time for your classes,” she said. “I also like how we are getting more freedom. It makes us feel like the school trusts us.” While some students love to go off-campus and get lunch or meet up with friends from Lone Peak, others like to stay at school and enjoy the hour of lunch. “It’s fun to play Uno with my friends,” Densley said.

Both the new High School building and the off-campus lunch on Wednesdays help High School students feel happier about the school environment.